Embryo adoption

Embryo adoption is a treatment that allows patients to perform an embryo transfer with embryos donated by other patients.

These embryos, can come from own gametes (eggs and sperm) from the patients or from donors, depending on the treatment that had been carried out.

The matching of embryos with patients will try to be the closest to patients characteristics, but it won’t be such a close match as when egg or sperm donation treatments are performed.

Embryos can be frozen or vitrified on day 3 or day 5 and they are the extra embryos of cycles that have led to pregnancy in donor patients, so their success rate is usually very good, although lower than egg donation rates in fresh cycles.

The embryo transfer protocol will need an endometrial preparation, similar to the one we perform for the transfer of vitrified or frozen embryos, either in a natural or in a substituted cycle.

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