About me

My name is Alexandra Izquierdo, I am a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics and for more than 10 years I have dedicated myself to Reproductive Medicine.

Throughout my professional career I have been able to constantly develop my skills and knowledge in assisted reproduction. The rapid evolution of techniques and the need for their application to improve the prognosis of my patients, have led me to continuous training in this challenging field.

During this time, I have also known many different stories first-hand, from different patients with a great diversity of cultures, which has allowed me to develop the most human side of my work, while helping my patients to achieve their dream of creating a family.

On this page, my purpose is to be closer to patients, to inform in a simple way and to try to make the world of Reproductive Medicine a less hostile path. In addition, I will be surrounded by other professionals who are experts in psychology, nutrition and well-being, to offer a comprehensive support in all aspects to achieve pregnancy through assisted reproduction.

I hope I can help you!

Dr. Alexandra Izquierdo